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Friday, September 4, 2009

Today is Friday, September 4, 2009. In 15 days it will be one year since this horrible tragedy occurred.

Many of you may be aware that at the time this incident occurred, Pat was airlifted from Pahrump to a hospital in Las Vegas. At that time, a doctor made the decision not to remove a bullet from Pat’s left leg.

About ten days ago, almost a year later, that gunshot wound suddenly began to swell, become painful, red and warm to the touch. Pat was taken to a local clinic for evaluation. He was told to wear a TED support stocking on that leg, and I took one in to him that day.

The pain, swelling and redness worsened over the weekend of this past week. By Monday, August 31, I told him he needed to go back to the doctor, and this time he needed to ask for lab work to be done, my concern was about possible lead poisoning from the retained bullet.

On Tuesday, he called and informed me they had taken him to the clinic again, and at that time, they were able to relieve the swelling when about a half pint to a pint of blood was removed from the area.

The bullet in his leg needs to be removed.

On Wednesday I had gone to the clinic and picked up copies of the x-rays that were done. I can see where the bullet is, and it is a miracle it did not shatter his tibia and fibula.

Yesterday, Thursday, September 4, when I visited Pat, he showed me his leg. The area is still quite swollen, and of great concern to me was the fact that the wound is seeping so badly that the bandage over the area was soaked.

After I left the detention facility, I called to speak with the Sergeant who is “in charge”. She was less than receptive or informative. She refused to tell me anything that was going on, i.e., when he would have surgery, where (here or in Vegas) he would have surgery, and also very important to me – WHO would be removing this bullet from Pat’s leg.

Having worked in healthcare in Las Vegas for over 30 years, I have great concerns as to who will be “cutting” on my husband’s leg. I am sure everyone will agree that there are some providers you don’t want touching you with a scalpel.

I sent an e-mail to Pat’s attorney yesterday afternoon after my non-productive conversation with the person “in charge” at the detention facility. Below is my e-mail, I have taken specific names out of the body of the e-mail:

Mr. "Attorney",

I am extremely concerned about Pat's left leg where the retained bullet is located. As you know earlier this week he was told the bullet needs to be removed.

When I saw him this afternoon (Thurs. 9/3) the wound is seeping, so much is it soaking through the bandage over it.

The problem with his leg has been going on for over a week now Mr. "Attorney". Monday is a will soon be two weeks that he has been having a problem with this gunshot wound.

I called the detention facility after I visited Pat today and spoke with Sgt.”xxxxxx”. She is not a very pleasant person. She will not tell me anything about what is going on. If the procedure will be done here in Pahrump or in Vegas, who might be doing the procedure etc. Does she seriously think I'm going to break Pat out - give me a break.

I am concerned about this because I picked up the x-rays Wed. afternoon. I can see where the bullet is.

I worked for orthopedic surgeons for 14 years Mr. "Attorney". As much as there are some lawyers you don't want defending you in court, there are also some doctors you don't want doing surgery on you.

It is bad enough that Pat is being detained in a facility that contains black mold, has no health screening protocols in place, and no trained medical personnel on the premises; now I have no control over the fact that he needs surgery and I can't be involved or even informed as to what is going on. This is ludicrous.

I am sick of this situation - sick of Pat being treated like a common criminal, and me being treated like I am "guilty by association".

Mr. "Attorney", Nye County better start to take the proper care of my husband or “xxxxxxxx” will wonder what hit him.

I demand to know who will be doing surgery on my husband. That is NOT an unreasonable request. I also demand to know a basic timeline as to when this surgery will be performed. They don't have to give me a specific date and time, but a "between this date and this date" is an appropriate thing to do. As Pat's wife I have the right to know what is going on with my husband's health.

Mr. "Attorney", as Pat's attorney I am asking that you contact Sgt. “xxxxx” and find out what is going to happen with Pat, where and when and WHO will be doing this procedure.

If Pat suffers complications and/or chronic problems due to inadequate, untimely and inappropriate treatment - I will not just stand by and go "OH WELL".

I think you know me better than that by now.

I look forward to hearing from you concerning this matter.

Sue Lamoureux

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It's is 8:10 a.m. Friday, September 4 - Pat just called - he needs more bandages for his wound. I must get dressed and go take those to him.

I will post an update as soon as I have one.

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