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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Together, we can save Pat Lamoureux's life

I want to make it plainly and painfully clear that my purpose in this blog was not to write a daily journal or diary about Patrick’s life or my life.

My intention with the blog was to raise awareness about PTSD and let people know what PTSD is and what living with PTSD can be; for the Veteran as well as the family members.

It was my intention to let people know that Pat’s case was not an isolated incident.

It was my intention to hopefully raise funds for Pat’s defense fund.

It was my intention to make a difference in the lives of all of our Veterans.

I believe I have been successful in all those endeavors, although I am far from “done”.

Through my contact with a local reporter, Pat’s information/story has been broadcast to the public and his story has been picked up by the AP, USA Today and multiple other media outlets. His story has been broadcast across the country and around the world.

Patrick’s case has been brought to a higher level of awareness because of the blog; donations have been received from people that have never met Pat or me.

I have made some amazing friends and networked with people who have been phenomenal in their advice and assistance.

There is information that nobody will know, or that anyone needs to know, and I will not put that information out on the internet. I have let all of you know the information that I felt was necessary to be known.

The issue with Patrick’s leg is an on-going one, and I certainly hope that everyone understands, I will not back down until he finally receives the appropriate treatment. This has certainly been an unnecessary battle; hopefully the price of the battle will not be paid for with the loss of Pat’s leg.

To those that thought the blog would be a diary or journal depicting what Patrick lives every day, and what I experience every day, it can be summed up in six words; we are living in pure hell.

And that is on a good day. So if you wonder how Pat and I are doing on a daily basis – just remember those six words. 

I have been criticized for not pleading Pat’s case through the blog and not making people understand why contributions are important for his defense.

I am sorry for being so ignorant – you have a man who is quite possibly facing the majority of the rest of his life in prison. I do not have the money to save his life by covering expenses for all the witnesses that are necessary.   I didn’t feel I had to spell that out to anyone reading the blog. I guess I didn’t understand that it was necessary to paint a picture on the internet that I felt was crystal clear.

With the beginning of the trial being moved to July 20, 2010, we now have at least 6 more months before the scheduled start of the trial.

I hope that those that have not contributed can find an extra few dollars in their pockets to send to Pat’s defense fund. I hope that those who have already contributed can find a few extra dollars in their pockets to send to Pat’s defense fund. 

I pray that the people sitting on his jury will have the ability to understand the man that Joseph Patrick Lamoureux is; the only way that will happen is through character witnesses and all the expert witnesses being present. All I can ask is:

Please - contribute to Patrick’s defense fund. Even if it is only $5, every dollar helps. 

I hope that all of our efforts will be rewarded in justice being served and that I will have my husband back and that he will get the help that he needs. 

If the methods of donating on the blog by PayPal or sending a check are too confusing, please call me – or send me an e-mail. I will be happy to walk you through it or answer any questions. If I don’t answer the phone, please leave a voice mail and I will call you back. My sleep routine is a little messed up and sometimes I am asleep when others are awake and vice versa.

Thank you all so much for your continuing support and concern. Together we can save Pat’s life. Please help by continuing with donations.

You can afford to donate to save a Veteran’s life – skip McDonald’s, Starbucks, buy generic groceries for a week, carpool for a day, don't buy that pack of cigarettes, or have that happy hour cocktail; there are many ways to save a few dollars to help save the life of a worthy Veteran.

Thank you for helping me save my husband’s life.

"Grandpa Pat & Kain"

"Grandpa Pat & Kain"
"Kain-man" the jokester....

Pat Lamoureux - Iraq 2003

Pat Lamoureux - Iraq 2003
"Pat is an extraordinary, thoughtful, kind and generous man...not to mention a wonderful friend, in which one could always count upon to be there when in need." (words of a long time friend)

Pat's Family

Pat's Family
Mica & Heather, grandson Kain