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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My battle with "Oprah Winfrey"

While tossing and turning last night, I thought I should follow up on a recommendation of trying to utilize Oprah Winfrey's network to get Patrick's message out. So I opened an account, and set up another blog, copying some of my posts from this blog.

They disappeared, not once but at least three times. Not only from the community site, but from my account. Then I get an e-mail telling me 'if you didn't write it don't post it'. It was from a human - or sorts I assume.

Here is my response to that e-mail:

In response to Harpoboard1 of Oprah Winfrey’s Organization:

While I have no power compared to Oprah Winfrey, you can rest assured I will be certain every person I know is aware that I was prohibited from trying to help save a disabled Veteran's life using Oprah Winfrey's website/network.

If I write something on another blog site and I decide I want to share it with people on Oprah Winfrey's website, who are you to tell me I can't do that? I know you looked at the other blog site, I saw you on there. Then BOOM - you take down my posts from Oprah’s website. Did you happen to notice the pictures were the same too? Surprised you didn't take my picture down too! So I can't use my own blogs from another blog on your website? That is ludicrous.

As far as the article that appeared, I gave credit to the source of the printed article. I am quoted in the article. I was given permission to use that article. How dare you tell me I cannot share that article with anyone I want to share it with as long as I give credit to the source who originally printed the article.

And I know it won't make a dent in Oprah Winfrey's pocketbook, but I will let every single person I know aware of the fact that I was not allowed to fight for the life of a worthy disabled Veteran using Oprah Winfrey's website/network.

It is MY Veteran who fought for my right to say what I want to say, and fought for MY freedom and YOURS - and it HIS life that is on the line. He stands to lose all of his rights and freedoms because he served our country - the Army failed him, the VA failed him and NOW the mighty OPRAH WINFREY has also failed him.

Oprah Winfrey's organization is a direct reflection on her. I am disgusted and appalled at the treatment I have received today as the wife of a 100% disabled Iraq War Veteran who is in the battle of his life.

People can blog about their “talented daughter”, mocha, and “are there any real Christians” but I cannot blog about my 100% disabled Combat Veteran of the war in Iraq….. Really?

I will never return to this site for any reason whatsoever, and I hope I can keep others from flocking to it as well.

SHAME ON OPRAH WINFREY and her organization for kicking a worthy combat Veteran when he is down. Every ounce of respect I had for her is totally GONE.

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