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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The broken "JUSTICE" System in America - Casey Anthony/Pat Lamoureux

Today, many people in America are outraged over the verdict reached this week by a jury in Florida.

This week, a young mother, Casey Anthony, was found not guilty in a court of law in Florida.  She was charged with the death of her beautiful daughter, Caylee.

I have followed this case since it first broke three years ago.  The resemblance of Caylee and my daughter, Heather, at the same age was striking.  I did not miss a minute of the televised court case, and how this jury came back with 3 not guilty verdicts on the most serious charges, is completely beyond me.

This case and Pat's case, in my opinion, clearly prove that the "Justice" system in America is broken. Casey Anthony should be serving time in prison for the apparent (deadly) neglect of her daughter; but she will be free.

On Sunday, July 17, 2011, Casey Anthony will walk out a free woman.  She got away with murder, or at the very least, she had a hand in what happened to Caylee.  Caylee did not put three pieces of duct tape over her own mouth, grab some trash bags, a laundry bag, walk down the street, crawl in the bags and lay down in a swamp to die and decompose.

My husband served this country proudly.  He came home from combat a changed man.  The Public Defender who represented him, sat and did nothing, while the District Attorney performed meticulous character assassination for 5 hours in a "sentencing hearing" - which the DA turned into a 'min-trial'.  

Pat sits in prison, struggling to receive proper medical care and the proper medications.  Many ignorant people said "oh, he can get the help he needs in prison."  Well, he is not getting proper medical care, and he certainly is not getting any kind of psychological care.

After sitting in the county jail for 2-1/2 years, the proper sentencing would have been to court order in-patient treatment, and a period of probation.  Prison was not the right answer.

Since he was sent to prison in February 2011, I can see my husband's mental status beginning to deteriorate.  There is nothing - absolutely nothing, that I can do. 

The war did not take my husband while he was away in combat, but it did take him once he came home.  Now the "Justice System" is picking away at destroying an outstanding man - he is crumbling, and we have at least over three years to go.

This is a complete miscarriage of 'justice'.  He should be getting proper psychological treatment, and not being treated like some "career criminal".

I am disgusted by the fact that what we call the "Justice System" fails to deliver true justice.  It is hard to comprehend that men and women who serve our country in combat get treated like dirt - and that this woman, Casey Anthony, will walk the streets a free person.

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Pat Lamoureux - Iraq 2003
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