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Monday, September 7, 2009




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On September 19, 2008 a horrible tragedy occurred in Pahrump, Nevada. A Veteran of the War in Iraq, diagnosed and rated by the VA at 70% disabled for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), "snapped" and became engaged in an altercation with the Nye County Nevada Sheriff's Department.

When the gun battled ended, a Deputy, Eric Murphy, and the Veteran, Pat Lamoureux, lay wounded.

Deputy Murphy was released from the hospital within 36 hours; his injuries were NOT life threatening. Deputy Eric Murphy returned to work within two months.

For the past year, Pat Lamoureux, whose total VA disability is 100% unemployable, has been incarcerated in the Nye County Detention Facility in Pahrump, Nevada pending trial. His trial date has not been officially been set, but he will most likely not see his "day in court" until APRIL 2010.

His bail was set at an astronomical $2.5 million dollars, making it impossible for him to be released to seek treatment.

The Nye County Detention Center in Pahrump, Nevada was recently investigated by the ACLU, those findings included: the facility is contaminated with black mold; there are no protocols for health screening of incoming inmates, thereby incoming inmates are dumped into the general population without knowing if they carry communicable diseases; there are no medical personnel on the premises to oversee the inmates, unqualified personnel make the determination if an individual needs to see a doctor; the facility is over-crowded; the ventilation system at the facility is inadequate resulting in stagnate air-flow which further promotes the spread of illness - the list goes on.

These same findings were brought to light in 2003 - and yet the facility continues to house detainees in 2009 - six years later.

These are the conditions in which Iraq War Veteran Pat Lamoureux has been detained since September 19, 2008.

During this year he has not been afforded any treatment from the VA, and only twice in July and August 2009 was he "seen" by a psychiatrist briefly. He has not received any counseling treatment for PTSD in a year.

Pat Lamoureux suffers from a serious pulmonary condition which is service connected and also rated by the VA at 60% disabling. He has multiple other service connected disabilities as well. Pat Lamoureux has not received any treatment by a physician for his pulmonary condition for a year.

Two months after this incident occurred, the VA abruptly discontinued his medications for PTSD. Through a system error (?) he was able to continue to receive his pulmonary medications; those refills expired in August 2009. It has been a struggle to have this Veteran continue to receive medications.

On September 19, 2009 it will be one year since this horrible tragedy occurred. Prior to this, Iraq War Veteran Pat Lamoureux had NO CRIMINAL RECORD. He comes from a family filled with law enforcement officials. His close friends are law enforcement, or were law enforcement. How can it be explained that a man with no criminal history or vendetta against law enforcement would suddenly engage in such actions? The answer: PTSD and the failure by the VA to appropriately treat the Veteran; Pat Lamoureux was over-medicated by the VA, he was never appropriately treated for PTSD by the Veterans Healthcare System of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas.

Pat Lamoureux has been severely punished for a year and his case will not go to trial until April 2010. As Americans - is this how we thank our Veterans? Instead of helping them in their darkest hours, we throw them in a facility that should be condemned and let them rot for over a year before they even get a trial? The facility that Pat Lamoureux is being detained in should be condemned.

We treat stray animals better than Iraq War Veteran Pat Lamoureux is being treated.

At the time of the incident, a bullet was left in Pat's left leg. A year later, the gun shot wound has become abscessed and severly infected. The bullet must now be removed. Considering the conditions of the facility, is it any wonder he has an infection?

Please help Pat Lamoureux receive the proper treatment. He has been severely punished enough for the past year; he needs help not further incarceration.There was no criminal intent; there was no premeditation. This was not a crime - it was a tragedy. Local Sheriff Anthony DeMeo publicly stated: "He had a battle plan laid out, and he executed that battle plan." For the complete story go to an article which appeared in the Las Vegas Review Journal July 12, 2009, "Iraq War Veteran awaits shooting trial as wife looks for help."

Tell Nye County Nevada, the community of Pahrump, Nevada, the Nye County Sheriff's Department, and the Nye County District Attorney's Office that TIME SERVED is the appropriate answer - IT HAS BEEN A YEAR.

Help this worthy Veteran get the treatment that he deserves - he fought for YOU, he fought for our Country, help save his life!

Thank you for letting your voice be heard.

Petition Sponsored by: Sue Lamoureux, wife

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"Grandpa Pat & Kain"

"Grandpa Pat & Kain"
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Pat Lamoureux - Iraq 2003

Pat Lamoureux - Iraq 2003
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Pat's Family

Pat's Family
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