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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Make a Difference in Someone's Life

Each of us can make a difference in someone’s life. If we try.

I am reaching out to many people with this post. I hope you all take the time to read it.

I am asking you to make a difference in someone’s life. Pat’s life.

Some of you are people Patrick and I have known for years. Some of you might have been our best friends in high school. Some of you might have just been acquaintances in high school. Perhaps some of you were people that we used to work with.

But then, there are those of you that we have never met. But somehow in the course of life, our paths have crossed, and we have come to “know” each other.

How do people you don’t “know” have an impact on your life? This is an example of people Pat & I have never met that have had an impact on Pat’s life, and my life.

While Pat was in Iraq, by random chance, a wonderful family came in contact with Pat. I stay in contact with this family to this day. They sent care packages to Pat when he was in Iraq. They didn’t know him, but they cared. We have never met these people, but they have been a steadfast and loyal support system for Pat and I since that first care package that he received. Through this family, I have made contact with another wonderful family that has also been a great support system for me. Pat and I have never met these people, but we “know” them….

To Sheila & Marion, and Kay – thank you. Thank you for all you have done for Pat, and thank you for being an anchor for me in these last several months. Your strength and encouragement keeps me going. You have made a difference in someone’s life.

And to someone from high school, Mark Casillas – I say thank you as well. Thank you for your service Mark, and thank you for making the difference in Pat’s life, even though you don’t “know” Pat.

So now, I am asking that everyone that reads this to please help make a difference in Pat’s life too. You can all help.

Save $5.00 a day, or a week, and put it away. Don’t go to Starbucks. Don’t go to Chili’s. Don’t go to the movie theatre, rent a DVD. Make your own coffee. Fix your own lunch/dinner. At the end of the month, send those few dollars you saved to help save a worthy Veteran - my husband. He is facing the rest of his life in prison. But with the best legal team possible, you all could help save his life.

He put his life on the line for our country. For you. For our freedoms.

Helping him will give you something that you can smile about and feel good about.

You will have made a difference in someone’s life.

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"Grandpa Pat & Kain"

"Grandpa Pat & Kain"
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Pat Lamoureux - Iraq 2003

Pat Lamoureux - Iraq 2003
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Pat's Family

Pat's Family
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